Alpacas price

Alpacas prices

Alpagas 3 femelles dans prairieBeforehand, you must determine the purpose of an alpaca purchase: Pet alpacas? Wool work? Breeding farm?

One important thing to consider is that they are herd animals. It is necessary to keep the males and females separately and you must always have at least 2 animals of the same sex together.

If you do not have the ability to separate them, you can start with 2 females and use a stud service.

Depending on what you want to do, you will be looking for very different animals.
First, make sure that the animal is healthy, ask for its health records, check the facilities and be sure to know where he comes from. If you are satisfied with the information given and if the animal has been well cared for, it is already a good start.

About pets, the range of quality can be wide and it is important not to buy someone else's problem, especially at the beginning. You will make decisions on color, on how animals are kept and you will probably choose to take only males in order to reduce costs but in the end, you will buy your favorite!

In the case of a breeding farm, we suggest you buy the highest quality you can afford! It is better to purchase two high quality females instead of 3 or 4 average ones. Try also to get a reasonable selection through known and proven genetic.

Ha, but what does "quality" mean? For some, it means "a famous genitor", for others it means "low SD" or "grey colored", etc. You must set your own criterias.

Why do we find alpacas at all prices?

Although you can find low priced animals of good quality ...... these offers are extremely rare and often do not include much training, support and after-sales services to a new breeder.

On your first purchase, consider the importance of choosing your "mentor"; an enthusiastic breeder loving its animals and who will offer the best long-term support.

Buyers, beware! The lowest prices are often reserved for low or poor quality animals with problems such as calving difficulty or problems related to mating, pregnancy, feeding, etc. 

Some alpacas can be sold at a low price for a complete herd but be aware of the lack of after-sales support if the breeder stops his farm.

Of course, a good vet can help with certain health problems, but a good experienced advisor has the skills to help you avoid many pitfalls and health problems. He will also help you focus on your choices based on fiber quality and other aspects of the animal, which can be just as crucial to your success.

Which requirements fix the prices?

  • age
  • sex
  • pet or breeding male
  • conformation quality
  • fiber quality
  • quality of the descendants
  • awards received in shows
  • maternal qualities

Top quality male studs proven by their descendants are, as a general rule, the most valuable, especially if they are valued by their competition successes.

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Pregnant females with best fleeces and conformations are generally at higher prices.

The cheapest are usually males that do not fit into the objectives of a breeding farm program. This does not mean that they're bad animals, their eviction is simply due sometimes to a poorer conformation, a lower density, lack of smoothness, consistency or character in their fiber.

Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of alpacas breeding!

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