A Unique Concept

The Alpa’n’Age label is an innovative concept of traceability unique fashion world.

All creations come from Alpagas du Maquis elite herd in Belgium, a farm which has won awards in several prestigious international competitions. Alpacas are bred and selected for their fiber quality and are gently sheared once a year with the greatest respect for the animal.

Each harvest is then carefully listed and classified and only ROYAL ALPACA quality fleeces are intended for the brand. They are then processed in the Maquis spinning mill, established on the farm site.

All this allows full traceability from the animal to the knit, detailed on each product's certificate of authenticity and traceability. The exclusivity of a unique handcrafted creation with incredible softness and transparency!

An exceptional fiber...

The Alpa’n’Age label is a guarantee of quality. Alpacas are carefully chosen over several generations for the quality of their fiber.

After 10 years of rigorous selection, the Alpagas du Maquis herd is able to produce fleeces with a fineness of less than 19 microns, an extremely rare quality produced by only 1% of alpacas on the planet.

You will receive with your product a sample of the raw fiber as well as its laboratory analysis result. This proves the precise fineness in microns, an unprecedented guarantee of the desired softness.

At Alpa’n’Age, no fabric softener is added, the softness is natural. We just don't tell it’s soft, we prove it !


The Alpa’n’Age label guarantees the origin of the fiber used. Not just the country or the herd, but the animal itself.

Each creation is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity and traceability retracing the history of the animal and its fleece.

At Alpa’n’Age, we go even further by providing a sample of the raw material !

Environmentally friendly...

The Alpa’n’Age label is an exclusive brand dedicated to quality and environmental protection. Alpa'n'age's ecological philosophy is based on eco-responsible production and on the simple principle of "everything on site ». A deliberate choice of healthy breeding and processing techniques optimized for a decade within the company.

The material purity and uniqueness are only possible thanks to a preparation of the fiber without the use of acid, dyeing or softening.

But Alpa’n’Age goes much further in its commitment to the planet: the spinning machines run on photovoltaic energy, the mill is heated with natural wood pellets produced locally and the hay is produced on the farm.

Also worth noting that we work on a zero waste policy since all of the natural fertilizer from alpacas and all spinning losses are used in agriculture.

100% Green
100% Recyclable
Green Electricity
Zero waste
Created with passion