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Our farm is located in Belgium, and therefore also in the heart of Europe, which gives us a special place for alpaca sale in other European countries too.

There are so many things to know about this fascinating animal that everything could not be listed on our website however here are a few important facts about our beloved ...


Alpaga huacaya et alpaga suri

See the two types of alpacas: on the left side of the picture, a Suri and on the right, a Huacaya. The latter looking like a teddy bear is much more prevalent and is the one we chose to breed. This photo made by Pacomarca illustrates the differences between the two. The Huacaya has a soft, warm and spongy fleece whereas the fleece of the suri is very bright, soft as silk, and is composed of long strands forming "dreadlocks".

An important and special feature of the alpaca is the reproduction. Indeed, the ovulation of the female is induced by mating : there is no cycle among small camelids.

Births occur mostly during the day, during the hottest hours, which clearly makes life easier for farmers. In addition, parturition often occurs without assistance and moms are very maternal. In general, human intervention is therefore limited to disinfecting the umbilical cord and to ensure that everything goes normally for the cria and its mother in the hours and days after birth.

Whether you're interested in alpacas for the purpose of breeding or not, we remain at your service.

Our DISCOVERY tours allow a first alpaca approach as we broach all themes.

If you want to acquire alpacas from our lineage to create or strengthen your own breeding program, we will be happy to welcome you to discuss your requirements.

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