Our activities

Guided Tour

Do you want to meet alpacas and understand who they are?

How and why do we breed them? Do you plan to acquire some? Do you want to understand how knitting yarn is made?

We really enjoy making you discover our innovative concept bringing together alpaca breeding and fiber spinning. Come and discover the path from animal's selection to final product...


Xperience Keeper for a day

Make your dream come true and immerse yourself in our alpaca breeder everyday life.

Alpagas du Maquis offers you the chance to discover, from the inside, our elite alpaca herd.

Become a keeper for a day and enjoy the wonderful and magical alpaca’s world.

A funny intimate day with those adorable creatures and their passionate breeders.


Breeder Course

We are alpaca breeders since 2011, shearers and spinners since 2014. We are also taking part to many international and national shows making us very experienced breeders in every way.

We love sharing our experience in such an unknown, innovative and challenging animal farming. For that matter, we organize intensive half a day courses during which we are focussing on you and your questions.